Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Manor Floods

Close to where we live, there is a body of water known as the Manor Floods.  Famous among anglers for its supply of carp, some of which I read can reach up to 28lb in weight.  This morning however, Malcolm and I were not on the hunt for fish, but Blackberries again.  What a beautiful morning it was too for a stroll around the lake and as it turned out, for the gathering of Blackberries.
The lake was peaceful except for the constant nagging of three juvenile Great Crested Grebes (Podiceps cristatus).  All three were begging for fish from their over-worked and rather frantic parents, but thankfully they are being well looked after and are well on the way to becoming fully grown.  But, no time for hanging around, we had foraging of our own to do and after a short time we returned home with two bags of wonderful Blackberries.
Perfect for a healthy breakfast!
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