Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Timing was everything this morning.  After breakfast, we looked skyward and tried to work out if we were going to get wet if we ventured forth.  As the skies were reasonably clear at the time, we decided to 'brave it'.  It's a very windy day here today and as we set out it was bright and sunny.  Good timing!
A short way into our walk, a squally shower closed in on us and for a short time we were pelted with rain, sleet and hail.  The hail stung our cold faces and we took on the look of someone thinking 'what the hell are we doing walking in this?'  Bad timing!
Soon, the clouds blew away and we were once again walking in the sunshine.  A bit further on, we encountered a small flock of Siskins feeding on the Alder seeds above our heads.  Good timing!
I pointed my camera at them to attempt a few shots.  I managed to get one (not very good) picture before my batteries succumbed to the cold and that put an end to any more pictures.  Bad timing!
Off around Straw's Bridge lakes before heading for home and the warmth of a good cup of coffee.  We managed to get all the way home as the skies once again blackened, the wind increased and things looked bad.  But we got inside and the coffee made as the heavens opened and we were lashed again with sleet and hail.  A final bit of Good timing!
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