Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wind in the Willows

Yesterday's walk, took us round the lakes of straw's Bridge again to take in the water fowl and the few Spring flowers which are starting to open.  Among these and about a month behind times, the Cowslips were starting to push through the grass and one or two have even started to open a flower or two.
So called because they were once thought to spring up where cows had once dropped a 'pat', these harbingers of Spring are a joy, particularly when we've been waiting for so long.
Being close to the ground, the Cowslips were tricky to photograph and took a great deal of squirming around to get down to their level - perhaps I'm getting too old for this lark!  Rather more easy to photograph were the Willow flowers.  Fluffy and yellow, these 'powder-puffs' of flower were at a height more accessible, but the breeze was still causing a bit of trouble.
Despite the 'wind in the willows' they make a lovely show, particularly as they appear before the leaves open and obscure them.  More to come we hope.
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