Friday, 5 February 2016


With the weather still very grey this morning, we made the most of things and set out for the small reservoir known as Osborne's Pond. Even the water was looking grey, the result of so much mud being washed in  by all the rain we've had.
The Pines overlooking this end of the reservoir, were doing their best to add a little greenery to the landscape, but they struggled to make any difference to the overall greyness of the scene.
An Oak which keeps the pines company, was already beginning to show some swelling buds, despite the fact that Oaks always seem to be among the last to unfurl their leaves in the spring. Yet more signs of an early start to things this year.
Even a Coot, busy preening itself by the water's edge, seemed to think that Spring was on its way.
We stood watching it for some seconds before it noticed we were there...
Then went back to the more important task of feather maintenance.
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