Thursday, 22 March 2012

Watch it!

The early morning sunshine was catching our garden hyacinths this morning as we had breakfast.  The blue, white and pink flowers really caught my eye, so I thought we might have a picture or two.
The warmth of the sun was also having it's effect on the flowers and the heady fragrance was very powerful as I crawled about the lawn trying to getting a good angle.
You can often feel a little self-conscious when taking photos.  Particularly when having to crouch about to get the right shot.  But this morning, while in this uncomfortable position, I definitely felt I was being watched!  Looking up, I saw why.  Oscar, our neighbour's cat, was perched high on top of the fence looking down at me with a look which spoke volumes and did little for my confidence.  If cats could talk, I can only assume Oscar would have raised his eyes, tutted loudly and shook his head in amazement at my actions.
Well, that's me put firmly in my place - and it was only 9.30am!
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