Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Fantastic weather greeted us this morning.  The skies were blue, the sun was shining and the temperature soon started to climb from it's chilly start.  With that in mind, we set out for a longer walk today, taking in Shipley Park, along Slack Lane towards Mapperley Village, down to and around the Reservoir, then returning through Mapperley Wood.  Slack Lane has been resurfaced using some of the old tarmac surface of the car parks of the defunct Theme Park and is now much more 'walker-friendly'.
We had heard that the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has recently introduced some Jacob Sheep onto a small area of the reserve, so were keeping our eyes peeled for them, but not before we enjoyed the splendours of the reservoir in this gorgeous weather.
After walking round the reservoir and stopping to enjoy the sounds of drumming Woodpeckers and honking geese, we sat for a while on the green, for a cup of coffee.
In the sun, it was getting rather hot, so jumpers were shed before continuing on our way.
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