Friday, 23 March 2012


Many of the birds in these parts are beginning to get the 'Spring Feeling' and as a result, their thoughts are turning to nest building.  At Straw's Bridge, one optimistic Coot has built a nest on the edge of the lake, right where people park their cars and throw bread to feed the ducks, geese and swans.  Never was a nest built which was so very 'in the way' as this one seems to be.  But, to give the hapless Coot it's due, it has finished building and is now sitting on the empty nest in the firing line.
A short walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve this morning, revealed another nesting Coot.  This time a more convenient nest site has been chosen.
Although the nest is situated beneath the walkway to the visitor's centre, it is beautifully constructed out of dry reeds (in stark contrast to the pile of sticks and litter used by the Straw's Bridge Coot) and is not in immediate danger of being trampled by stampeding swans.  The Coot seems happy enough on it too.
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