Friday, 11 November 2011


Malcolm and I found a new path this morning.  Well, it would be more accurate to say we were forced to make a diversion along this 'new' path, having had our original plans scuppered by a lorry blocking our way.  The new path has been known to us for some time, but lately, the path has been cleared and a surface of gravel has been laid.
This green lane follows the course of yet another old rail track which would once have carried coal and metal ore through the Woodside Colliery and on to Marlpool station nearby as part of the G.N.R. Heanor Branch line.  A little further on, the track is crossed by a road bridge taking traffic to and from the collection of houses known as The Field.  The path was a bit too muddy at this point to continue, so we turned for home with the idea to have another crack at it in drier conditions.
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