Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Looking Back

Have just had a look back at my blog and this time last year, the weather had started to change.  The temperature had started to drop as the now infamous snows came upon us.  Thankfully, the temperature this year has yet to follow, remaining rather mild for mid November.  Once again though, it remains cloudy, dull and dreary.  Take a look back at last November HERE (opens in a new tab).
Back a bit further to this time in 2008, the Canada Geese on the lake at Straw's Bridge, were the topic of my blog posting.  See HERE (also opens in a new tab).
The geese are still there this year and have been preening like madly, taking their cue from the Mallards I mentioned the other day.  Like the ducks, they too are to bee seen splashing, ducking under the water, rolling over, flapping and making a great fuss as they sort out their feathers.
Of course, after all that washing, it takes a bit of drying off, which gives the geese a chance to show off those wonderful plumes.
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