Saturday, 27 November 2010

White Stuff

Well!  After the bitter cold of yesterday, it should have come as no surprise to wake up to a blanket of snow this morning.  But, what a scene greeted us as we squinted out first thing.
Then the sun started to rise and a pale, orange light was shed all over.
It just got better and better.....
Couldn't wait to get out and about in it, despite the biting cold, made all the more bitter by the breeze which was picking up.  The wind shook the branches and knocked the snow onto our heads and into our eyes, but who could complain on such a morning?
Bright, red Rose Hips shone from the bushes in the low sunshine like rubies in a snowy setting.
Getting back home for something warming - as well as the coffee!  We were presented with more jewels, this time orange ones glistening in their plumpness from the Pyracantha in our garden.
The birds will no doubt be very pleased to find these during the cold snap.
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