Sunday, 28 November 2010

Colder Still

I had to take a second look at the thermometer reading this morning.  Descending the stairs, bleary eyed as usual at about 8 o'clock this morning, I couldn't believe that the temperature was reading -10.4┬║C.  I think the lowest it has ever been.
Our walk yesterday took in some wonderful scenes through the woods along the old drive to Shipley Hall.  Unusually, the snow had fallen through the trees and was settled on the ground beneath them.
The lack of any colour from leaves and flowers, gave the scene an almost monochrome feel.  It wasn't until we left the cover of the trees, that we began to get a little more colour again.
This became clearer as we looked out toward Shipley Hill.  It was looking a bit frosty up there.
Snow had stuck to almost every north-facing surface, picking out the shapes of the bare trees and highlighting the redness of the berries remaining.
As it is the first Sunday of Advent today, Malcolm has brought out his new nativity scene and very nice it looks too.  (The 'star' and reflection were added by me afterwards).
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