Friday, 12 November 2010


Once again, it was rather breezy this morning, but the sun was shining as we set out for a walk.  It's nice to get out for a proper walk after a couple of days of 'not very much'.  As we walked around Shipley lake, the wind blew and tried to denude the trees of the few leaves which are left after the gales of yesterday and last night.  Among the few which have retained some of their foliage, were these tall and stately Silver Birches (Betula pendula).
Their white trunks seem to gleam in the half light of the woodland as they sway like metronomes in the wind.
Birches have been used for a number of purposes over the years.  It is even possible to make wine from the Birch sap.  The bark of the Birch contains a chemical called Betulin, which has proven effective in the treatment of tumours, various lymphatic conditions as well as tuberculosis.  There is still much we can learn from the seemingly mundane and 'everyday'.
The thing we learned most this morning, was that it was nice to get out of the wind and into the lee and shelter of the tree-lined paths as we headed homeward for coffee.
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