Friday, 7 May 2010


Well, who would have thought it? We've swung to the right! And quite a long way to the right here in Erewash, so that's alright then! Pity we didn't get to see our former Labour MP Liz Blackman, ousted from her seat. Like the true slime-ball she is, she jumped before she was pushed because she knew she would no longer be allowed to claim the huge amounts of expenses which had become her only reason for being an MP.
Anyhow, back to the more important things in life. We had a good walk around Shipley Park this morning and saw some wonderful plants in flower. Firstly the Red Campion (Silene dioica). Another member of the Pinks and Stitchwort family, Red Campions are mentioned by Nicholas Culpepper for their ability to stop inward bleeding and to stay the effects of the 'stone'.
A member of the Rose family next. Silverweed, or Silverweed Cinquefoil was known as Potentilla anserina until the 1990's when it was re-classified as Argentina anserina. The name 'anserina' means "goose-like" and refers to either it's being used to feed geese or the goose-foot shape of it's leaves. It is also said that it can ward off Witches and evil spirits and , as we didn't see any evil spirits this morning, it seemed to be working!
Polygonatum multiflorum next. Better known as Solomon's Seal. Here seen growing among the Dog's Mercury and the Lords-and-Ladies. The tall, arched stems are well seen above it's neighbours and it's traditionally used in a range of afflictions from menopause to broken bones.
I mentioned the Blubells a few days ago, but this morning, we found some White ones growing among the blues.
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