Saturday, 15 May 2010

Staying close

An absolutely beautiful morning for our walk today. It was great to see the sun shining and even better to be able to shed our coats and enjoy the warmth and so we took the opportunity to have a good, long trek of about 5 miles.
Taking an 'off-track' route to avoid the cyclists and joggers of sunny weekends, we got to Mapperley village and found a field of English Longhorn cattle. One huge bull was treating all with complete contempt...
...while a calf was laying down and staying close to it's mother and keeping an eye on us as we passed. English Longhorns are the oldest pure breed cattle in the country and were once very common, especially in the northern counties. They were considered good 'all-rounders' for their beef and milk as well as their gentle temperament. This made them ideal also for use as draught animals.
From across the fields, we were afforded a wonderful view of Shipley Hill in the sunshine. The beautiful colours of the trees are showing well as the Spring season continues.
Turning towards home once more, we took the route through Mapperley Wood, what we know as Bluebell Wood, for obvious reasons.
The woodland floor is one fragrant carpet of Bluebells just at the moment. We have never seen so many, it's utterly jaw-dropping.
Against the deep, blue sky, Apple blossom looks whiter than white and was in great abundance this morning.
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