Monday, 3 May 2010

Staying in

Well, it's still cold, windy and showery. Not good for walking around the countryside - at least not if you want to enjoy it. So, just a quick shopping trip this morning, then back for lunch and a warm-up. Is it May? Or have I fallen asleep and woken up in December?
Keeping up to date with things, I thought I would give you an update of the cargo ship Vasily Shukshin, last mentioned on 6th March.
At the time, the ship was then on it's way to Spain (as were we) but since then it has had a very busy time of it. It left Bermeo, near Bilbao and headed north again into the Humber and to Gunnes near Scunthorpe. It then visited Teignmouth in Devon before leaving for a longer journey to Turku in Finland.
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From there I think it went to Saint Petersburg - it's difficult to know for sure because it disappeared off the 'radar' as it headed that way.
The ship has since re-appeared and travelled through the Kiel Canal (previously known as the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal) which links the Baltic with the North Sea before stopping off at Bremerhaven and then pushing on down the river Weser to Bremen where it currently lies at dock.
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According to the Marine Traffic website, it is due to sail back to Saint Petersburg next.
Incredible isn't it? How many miles must this ship have done since it was launched in 1995?
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