Saturday, 24 April 2010


Malcolm and I were being scrutinised as we walked in the sunshine, towards the Mapperley reservoir. A small herd of bullocks, which are normally to be seen in the distance, huddled together in the farthest corner of the field, had crowded into the corner nearest the footpath, to get a better look at us.
While some were only interested in the grass, others took a great interest in us as we passed. Especially this young man..
Next, working as a typical BBC Radio link, we jump from cattle........ to Daisies.
Familiar to us all, the Daisies (Bellis perennis) are adding a welcome splash of colour to the lawns and wild grasslands all over Britain at the moment.
Another useful plant according to Nicholas Culpeper, Daisies are to be used for ..."wounds in the breast, and very fitting to be kept both in oils, ointments, and plaisters, as also in syrup..."
A 'decoction' of daisies is also good for curing "all ulcers and pustules in the mouth or tongue, or in the secret parts." So, if you have problems with your 'secret parts'....stick a daisy on it!!!!
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