Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Monday saw us back on the road again and exploring the north-western tip of the island and the spectacular peninsular of Formentor. Arriving at the car park, we struggled to find a place to park as it was so busy. We soon found out why.
At it's highest point the cape rises to more than 1,200ft and affords the most spectacular views imaginable. From the viewpoint we are a 'mere' 600ft or so above the surging sea below.
The locals call this cape the 'meeting point of the winds' but on a clear, warm and still day such as it was when we were there, what breeze there was, was most welcome.
Vertical walls of rock - again formed from ancient coral reefs - rise from the sea providing perfect nesting and hunting sites for a host of exotic birds such as the huge Black Vulture. We were not lucky enough to see one of these giants of the sky, but with views such as these, you can't have everything.
It required a strong stomach to lean over the parapet and look straight down from the viewpoint. Best to just hold out the camera, point it down and click!!!!
Simply breathtaking.
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