Saturday, 3 October 2009

Drama in the sky

It seems that drama has followed Malcolm and I just recently and this morning was no exception. As we walked around the pond at Straws Bridge, two swans decided to take to the skies. Now, anyone who has watched swans trying to get airborne will know that it takes a considerable amount of effort. The effort required is far greater when, as this morning, it is very windy.
Our two birds were doing very well, heading into the wind and getting into the air and gaining height nicely. All went awry when they chose to turn and fly with the wind before gaining enough height to clear the trees surrounding the pond. One of the swans had the presence of mind to turn again and abort it's flight plans, landing heavily back into the water. The other swan however, looked a little panicked and tried in vain to gain speed and height in order to clear the trees. The result of which was that the swan disappeared into the trees, crashing heavily through the branches.
Malcolm and I began to hurry round the pond to see what had happened to the poor bird and offer assistance if it was required (although how one helps a crashed swan down from a tree escapes me). As we got a bit nearer, we were overjoyed to see the swan come waddling out from the trees looking a little dazed but no worse for wear. It soon got back in the water, preened itself, shook and headed for the woman who was distributing bread to all and sundry at the edge of the pond.
What a relief! The swan in question is one of these in the photo below, so all turned out well and the swan has learned a valuable lesson in aeronautics.
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