Monday, 4 May 2009

Great Orme - Part 2

The Great Orme has a small road running around it known as the Marine Drive. Good to drive around (provided the toll is paid), but even better to walk, this four mile delight affords the walker an opportunity to see all the flora and fauna of the area - missed if you drive around.
You start with the sight of the 'gate houses' - one at either end of the walk.

Built in the same style as the decommissioned lighthouse which you come to a little further round. The lighthouse is now a bed and breakfast establishment and I bet the views from the bedrooms are fantastic out over the sea.
As you walk around , you are constantly given spectacular views of the cliffs and every turn you take takes your breath away.

Look very carefully and you might be lucky enough to find this beautiful, but diminutive flower growing among the grass.

Common Milkwort (Polygala vulgaris) is just one of a family of about 500 species. Milkworts are sometimes also known as Snakeroot.
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