Thursday, 21 May 2009

Historical Background - part 2

Hugh and Agnes had two sons (at least), but neither survived their father so the manor was passed to Eustacia, the daughter of One of the sons. Eustacia married Nicholas de Canteloupe, a member of one of Britains most rich and powerful families at that time. The tomb of Nicholas who died in about 1265, can still be seen in St. Mary's Church.
The manor stayed in the Canteloupe family for the next 90 years until the death of Nicholas' Great Great Grandson William. William had no heir and the issue of inheritance was the subject of much debate until it was decided that a distant cousin, William la Zouche was declared heir. The manor stayed in the Zouche family until 1485 when the family found themselves 'on the wrong side' at the battle of Bosworth.
Following the battle, the land was taken into the Savage family, and remained with them until 1608 when it was sold to Sir John Manners. Sir John is an ancestor of the present Duke of Rutland, who remains Lord of the Manor of Ilkeston to this day.

The Estate of Shipley and the Hall, has been known since the 13th Century. In 1630, Sir Edward Leche, the then Lord of the Manor, built a tall, gabled house. The hall was passed to Sir Edward's granddaughter, Hester Miller. Hester married Edward Mundy and he demolished the old hall to build a new one.

This hall was changed many times, not least of all into a neo-classical mansion in 1779. Further additions and changes followed including Italian gardens and fountains.

The Miller Mundy's made their money through mining. This was to be the ultimate downfall of the great hall. The owner of the hall in 1922, one Godfrey Miller-Mundy, sold the entire estate to the Shipley Coal Company (a company created by some of his ancestors). The mining company then began to mine under the hall, into a supporting pillar of coal. This, of course, proved to be disasterous and the hall began to subside. By 1943 it had to be demolished.

By 1970, Derbyshire County Council bought the estate and thus began the Shipley Country Park. More information Here.

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