Thursday, 12 March 2009

Back home.

Well, we returned home yesterday after a week in Calella, just north of Barcelona. Last Thursday, Malcolm and I took the train from Calella to Barcelona. It was a very enjoyable trip which took us right along the sea-front all the way on a clean, comfortable train and all for about £6 each return. If we had a similar public transport system in Britain, you can't help thinking the roads would be a little less congested!
Back to Barcelona - What a wonderful city it is! I was prepared to be impressed with the architecture having seen pictures of places like the 'Sagrada Familia' and various other fabulous buildings. I was not prepared however, for the amount of beautiful, richly decorated and, frankly, artistic buildings which made our necks ache from looking up at them.
Of course the highlight for any rubber-necked tourist is the unfinished cathedral 'Sagrada Familia'.

In parts it is a building site with cranes towering above the massive edifice. Construction started in 1882, the vision of artist and architect Antoni Gaudi. It is anticipated that it will be finished in 2026 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Gaudi's death. This is thought by many to be wildly optimistic and some expect construction to continue for many years yet. The main entrance is dominated by a cubist, modernist depiction of the Passion of Christ.

The Nativity facade is rather more elaborate and traditional in style. It is only when you see the detail in the carvings, that you realise why the construction has taken so long.Far more information to be found HERE and the official site (in English) HERE.
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