Thursday, 26 March 2009

Blustery day.

Well, it's been a blustery few days actually. Again I was reminded of Winnie the Pooh as I lay in bed listening to the wind outside. Pooh has a wonderful way of turning any situation into an excuse for a 'smackerel of something' to eat.
Even on a stormy day when he and Piglet visit Owl and Owl's tree-house blows down,Pooh's first thought as he pulls pieces of himself back together again, is "...we were just going to have tea and we hadn't had it".
Pooh's love of poetry never fails him and even in the depths of a gale-induced calamity, he manages this little gem...

I lay on my chest
and I thought it best
to pretend I was having an evening rest.
I lay on my tum
and tried to hum
but nothing particular seemed to come.
My face was flat
On the floor, and that
is all very well for an acrobat;
But it doesn't seem fair
to a friendly bear
to stiffen him out with a basket-chair.
And a sort of sqoze
which grows and grows
is not too nice for his poor old nose,
and a sort of squch
is much too much
for his neck and his mouth and his ears and such.

Forget Shakespeare, lets have Winnie the Pooh on the school national curriculum!
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