Friday, 13 March 2009


Turning away from the Sagrada Familia for a moment, we found a wealth of other beautiful, architectural works of art as we walked around the city of Barcelona. As we walked down the avenue of shops, offices, stalls and street performers known as Las Ramblas, we encountered one of Barcelona's most photographed objects. It's a dragon that was once the sign for an umbrella ship. The building is now a bank, but the original wall decorations still survive.At the Sea-end of Las Ramblas, there is a most fantastic confection of an edifice called the Port of Barcelona Building.
Across the road from the Port of Barcelona is the famous column of Christopher Columbus. It is a huge monument to commemorate Columbus' return to Barcelona after his historic trip to North America. Visitors can climb to the top of the monument to enjoy a spectacular view of Barcelona - we didn't bother!
Around the base are many sculptures of angels, lions, fantastic animals of all sorts and religious icons.
Zooming in on the image of Columbus himself, you can't help wondering if the pigeons might have a little more respect for such a national treasure!
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