Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Back to Benidorm and a brief look at some of the flowers which were to be found in the middle of winter - albeit a bit warmer than an English winter. Firstly a beautiful Aeonium growing on the hillside near the Castell del Mar. The large, fluffy yellow flower heads almost glowed in the sun.Close to these and indeed found growing all over the place at this time of year are small, arum-like flowers called Friar's Cowl. Standing no more than four inches high, you need to get down to their level in order to appreciate them.In an ancient garden plot, sheltered from the winds was an old Almond tree just coming into bloom. Beautiful flowers which are often overlooked.Back to the yellow theme and very common plants in flower during the winter are members of the pea family known as Rush-like Scorpion Vetch. Rush-like because of their almost leafless stems looking more like rushes than shrubs. They are called 'Scorpion Vetches' because their seed pods are lobed and bare a resemblance to scorpions tails.Another common species now and a blue one known as Common Globularia. Small flowers but abundant and filled with many stamens.Looking a little lower and closer to the ground we found small White Rock-roses. No more than an inch across and with petals like white tissue, they look too delicate to withstand even a slight breeze, to say nothing of the gales we witnessed.
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