Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A little change.

What a difference a week makes (and 1000 miles or so)! Last Tuesday Malcolm and I were sitting on the seafront in Benidorm enjoying our daily coffee, cake and brandy, warming ourselves in the sun and taking the mickey out of people walking by. A week later and here we are, struggling to keep our feet on the ice and snow, almost invisible under several layers of clothing and no doubt having the mickey taken out of us! But what a wonderful day for a walk it has been. The sun was shining, the snow was picturesque and it was still about -2C when we set out.Having said all that, it was still quite welcome to see the first, tentative signs that spring is just around the corner. Hazels and Alders are all bursting out into catkins and decorating the otherwise bare branches like candles on a Christmas tree.Not that these two individuals seemed to care too much last night......they were no doubt wishing the cold snap would last forever. And judging by the good time being had by their creator (our neighbour's young lad, Jack), he wouldn't have cared if it went on a little longer either!
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