Friday, 20 February 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is the 78th birthday of Malcolm's Mum, Patricia. So, we went for a ride out to look at Attenborough Nature Reserve near Nottingham. Pat had never been and said she would like to go so off we went. It was very nice strolling around the flooded gravel pits and nearby Trent river. The paths were a little wet and muddy in places but that didn't spoil the walk. As always, there were plenty of wildfowl swimming around looking ever hopeful that we had brought a bag of bread or grain.The Mute Swans were beautiful, the Mallards plentiful and the Tufted Ducks, cheeky! We were reminded again that spring is just around the corner when we saw (and heard) the Grey Herons beginning to assert their authority over each other in an effort to gain the best nesting site in the tops of the waterside trees.

Lots more information HERE. After our walk, it was off to the 'Priory' - a Toby Carvery - for a large and delicious lunch.................. but not for this character!

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