Friday, 11 January 2019

Mandarin Morning

I am currently getting to grips with a new camera and as a result, snapping away merrily as I learn all the ins, outs and gizmos it has to offer. But, it didn't need a miracle of modern technology to realise what the topic of conversation was going to be today. Just look at this!
A drake Mandarin in full plumage is always a wonderful thing to behold and this one on Osborne's Pond this morning, was just superb.
Even in the shade of an oak tree, this little beauty was a feast for the senses.
And I was very pleased with the way my new camera handled the situation - even having resized the picture for the blog!
Tearing ourselves away from the Mandarin, I tried out some tricks the camera will perform, such as adding sparkles to a scene.
It seems a shame to compare two different birds and ordinarily a drake Mallard would have been quite a head-turner, but when put head-to-head with the Mandarin, dare I say even this seemed just a tad dull?
Plenty more to get to grips with as I find my way around the new camera, so 'watch this space'.

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