Thursday, 27 October 2016


The view from Shipley Hill is always good, but at this time of year, it just gets better and better as the trees change their summer green for autumn gold. I have mentioned my love of one particular Beech tree, many times.
Walking up the road towards the site of the old hall, there are several cherry trees. Delightful while in flower in spring, they are no less spectacular in the Autumn.
Looking back, we take in the same trees, but with the light coming from a different direction. It also takes in parts of the old suffragette wall which used to run around the hall.
It's well worth returning to 'that' Beech tree again with its carpet of fallen leaves as well as the golden ones still clinging to the tree along side a few still green.
Looking beneath and beyond, there are plenty of colourful trees to see across the Shipley Woodside LNR.
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