Saturday, 15 October 2016


I thought we would take a break from Dubrovnik for today.
Just a couple of miles to the south of where we were staying in Plat, was the picturesque fishing town of Cavtat. Originally founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC, it was known as Zaptal by the Illyrians living in the surrounding area.
The town got its modern name during the middle ages when it was known as Civitas Vetus, meaning 'old city' and from where the derivation 'Cavtat' comes.
We had a splendid time wandering around the old streets and looking out across the blue waters of the town's bay and harbour.
To the south of the town is a small, wooded peninsula with some wonderful views from the footpath which skirts it. Through the pines, we could see plenty of small islands just off the coast, such as this one, called Mrkan.
The harbour was packed with small fish of all kinds. These were busy taking advantage of some scraps of bread which had been thrown in for them.
By now, it being lunch time and such a nice day, we found a lovely, harbour-side restaurant to sit and have what turned out to be probably the best pizzas either of us had ever eaten - and a glass or two of local red wine of course!
After lunch, we strolled around the town and through some of those narrow lanes, where Bougainvillea plants spilled over the walls.
The tower of St. Nicholas' Church looked out over the harbour nearby.
Across the bay, another ecclesiastical tower looked over the scene, this one belonged to the Franciscan Monastery and the church of Our Lady of the Snows.
We had to take a closer look at that one too and it turned out to be rather similar to the tower of St. Nicholas'.
Away off in the distance, we could just make out the city walls of Dubrovnik.
Here, zoomed in a bit more.
Much more to come yet...
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