Tuesday, 10 November 2015

At Last!

Finally!  After so many days waiting for the rain to stop long enough for us to get out for a walk, this morning, we managed to get a walk round Shipley Hill. The skies were rather grey and threatened yet more rain, so to be on the safe side, we took our brollies.
Looking across the fields towards Shipley Hill, the colours of autumn are still hanging on despite the strong winds. In the foreground, the Rose Hips add their own colour to the hedges along Slack Lane.
Onward to Mapperley Reservoir and the rich gold and red of the trees are still good, even in the dull, sunless gloom.
Thinking we had bread to share, the swans and ducks were soon paddling over to us. Sadly, they were disappointed to find we were empty handed.
Adding a little digital manipulation, the scene looked rather dramatic, both the reservoir...
... and the view to the hill.
Glad to say, we got home again without needing our umbrellas.
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