Thursday, 1 October 2015

Another New Month

Well, that's September done with and another new month started. We ended September with a long walk in the sunshine - we seem to be spoiled with the weather lately. As we skirted Cinder Hill we were struck once again by the vivid autumnal shades of the trees and hedgerows.
These pictures were taken, looking across the wild bird-seed meadow I mentioned a while back. The yellow of the sunflowers and corn marigolds along with the blue of the chicory, made a wonderful foreground to the turning leaves in the trees beyond.
Getting down for a closer look, is always rewarding.
A little further round the hill, brings you to the visitors' centre and along the pathways here, a few of the Maples were simply breathtaking in their autumn finery, whether they chose a 'red' look...
... or a more traditional 'golden' hue.
It's easy to get carried away with the colours of autumn, especially when, after a disappointing summer, you were not expecting much of a show at all.
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