Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Walk in the Park

This morning saw Malcolm and I being joined by Mum 'P' for a short stroll on Locko Park.
The parkland belongs to the privately owned Locko Park House and Estate and dates back at least the mid 1500's. The house itself dates mostly from about 1725 and was built on the site of an old hospital of the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem (an institution set up for the care of lepers), which was on, or near the site as far back as the early 1200's.
According to Wikipedia, the house is currently occupied by Lucy and David Palmer (of Huntley and Palmer biscuits fame).
In the middle of this lake, a small island caught the eye as a large group of brightly coloured daffodils made a handsome show.
On a sunny morning such as this, the views are rather good across the water.
Malcolm and his mum were certainly enjoying the sun...
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