Friday, 17 April 2015


There was a chilly breeze this morning, but at least it was dry and bright as we took our walk. We thought it was about time we checked on the progress of the Bluebells, so we set out for Mapperley Wood - more usually known by us as Bluebell Wood. We were delighted to see that they have indeed started to flower on the woodland floor. Down by the steam which runs through the wood, there are still very few Bluebells in flower, just a few hidden among the grasses and bushes.
So, it was onward and upward to Shipley Hill and here, with a little more sunlight reaching the ground, things were looking a bit better.
Still, not the beautiful carpet of blue we have come to look forward to, but a good start nevertheless.
The Celandines are in full bloom though and their cheerful, yellow flowers are brightening up the woodland floor.
This 'Spring Messenger' is always good value in the first few weeks of the season, but it seems particularly so this year.
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