Thursday, 5 March 2015


Our walks over the last couple of days, have taken us past a field containing six sheep and two highland cattle.  The two 'coos' are (like all highland cattle), delightful creatures. Shaggy coated and equipped with formidable-looking horns, they attract lots of attention. On both occasions, as we walked by, the larger of the two coos has had his head in a large bucket of mineral lick.
The tub of SUPAlyx "super energy with fish oil" is quite clearly the tastiest thing to be found in this particular field and has caught the attention of this fine animal.
Only when another Highland Cow in a field across the way, began to bellow and the smaller companion of this chap grumbled and bellowed back, did he move his attention away from the task in hand.
With a look which seemed to say "what's all the fuss about?" he paused a for a moment while the bellowing died down, before getting back the more important task of licking the bucket clean.
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