Saturday, 14 March 2015


Malcolm and I, returned yesterday, from a few days in Albir, Spain.  From the nearby Nature Park of the Serra Gelada, the sea-side town was laid out like all other Spanish Sea-side town.
The mountainous terrain in the background, known as the Prebaetic System,  was difficult to make out because of an almost constant haze. The tallest mountain in these photos, is the famous 'chipped' mountain of the Puig Campana at 4,613ft.
Albir itself was not very exciting.  All the usual things - cheap shops, road-side cafes and supermarkets of varying sizes. So we spent a good deal of our limited time there, walking through the beautiful nature park.
The rocky sides to the hills were covered in such delights as the shady pines and Lentisc bushes. These were under-planted with Thyme and Rosemary, while the flowers were provided by varying species of Rock-rose.  Al rather beautiful.
All with the prospect of rounding a corner to be confronted with another panoramic view.
There will be more of that over the next few days....
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