Friday, 9 January 2015

Favourites (part 2)

Continuing the theme of looking back at some of my favourites of 2014, we pick up the thread with a look at July.  The fine weather gave us some lovely cloudscapes to enjoy...
 As well as some gorgeous colour in our own back garden.
August brought more dramatic clouds to photograph. These were seen at 'Swan Lake'...
and who could forget the ol' harnser!
By September, things were starting to look a little more autumnal as the leaves started to change.
September also found us enjoying a few days in Edinburgh - and we found some new walks there too.
One of my favourite pictures from October, had to be the of the horses walking away towards the Autumn colour of Shipley Hill.
And by November, the icy chill of Winter had started to show its hand - at least for a few days - providing some good shots of mist and frost.

The year came to a close with the festive season and a spectacular Mute Swan on (appropriately enough) Swan Lake.
Not a bad year, was it?
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