Thursday, 29 January 2015


Coming to the end of my Algarve pictures, I thought a few general views of the colourful cliffs and the pine woods would be nice.
In places along the cliffs, wooden stairways and boardwalks have been built to facilitate descent to the beach below. How they manage to cling to the crumbling cliffs, is a matter of some amazement.
More general views of the cliffs can be had in either direction.
It seems that every downpour of rain, washed away another small gully in the cliff-tops. These gullies then join up to become gaping clefts before more the inevitable happens and the beach gets another delivery of crumbled rocks and shrubbery from above.
Still the pines provide some lovely walks and the opportunity to shelter from a passing shower or, if you are visiting in the height of summer, relief from the sun.
In some places, the cliffs have eroded away, almost down to sea level.
Very nice..!
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