Thursday, 13 November 2014


While we were strolling past Mapperley Reservoir this morning, Malcolm spotted a surprising invertebrate on the top of one of the wooden posts.  It was a Geophilid Centipede going by the name of Stigmatogaster subterranea, previously known as Haplophilus subterraneus. and sometimes going by the more common name of Western Yellow Centipede.
Having between 77 and 83 pairs of legs, these charming creatures are the longest of the British Geophilid (soil loving) centipedes and an active predator of other small soil-living creatures.
It's unusual to see a soil centipede in any other environment, particularly on top of a wooden post 4ft above the ground, but no less delightful for it.
One more picture, this one shows rather nicely, the darker head of the centipede.
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