Thursday, 20 November 2014

Autumn Shades

As mentioned the other day, the autumn colours are clinging on against the recent bad weather. It's still very mucky under foot and the deep layer of rotting leaf litter on the paths is not helping matters, especially when in conjunction with the mud and puddles. As we walked over the top of Shipley Hill on the way to Osborne's Pond this morning, the golden hues glowed through the mist which clung round the trees. Green moss on top of the suffragette wall adding to the colourful scene.
Turning to the right and looking down through the trees, the Beech leaves are still as bright when viewed against the shiny green of the holly and ivy.
On to Osborne's Pond and the views were dominated by a small flock of Black-headed Gulls preening on a wooden walkway which juts out into the reservoir. The cold of the water reflecting the colours of autumn beyond.
Looking at me with a distrustful gaze, they soon settled down and allowed be to take a closer photo. Such beautiful birds and so often overlooked or completely disregarded, they reward closer inspection with their blood red beaks and legs - once they've stopped squabbling!
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