Tuesday, 25 November 2014


The sight of a sharp frost has become something of a rarity.  We managed to get all through last winter with barely an ice crystal in sight and this year has been lacking in frosty rime.  But this morning, we woke to temperatures of about -2 degrees and a layer of frost coating everything.
Grasses, heavy with their mantle of frost, bowed over the wooden fence along our route as we made for, what we know as 'the farm walk'.
Further along the walk, we were treated to the sight of some Spear Thistles - spiky enough without the frost, they looked even more misanthropic with a white coating of ice.
By this time, the temperature had risen above freezing, but the frost, clinging to all surfaces, made it seem a lot colder than it was.
One group of animals didn't seem in the least bit put out by the chilly conditions. A small herd (more of a family group really) of Highland Cattle were busy chewing the cud and looking down their noses at us as we passed their field. This handsome fellow's woolly coat was ideally suited for the cold - something you have to get used to as a Highland 'coo' I suppose!
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