Tuesday, 30 September 2014


We are being told by those who know about such things, that this September has been the warmest and driest ever. Certainly, as I was mowing the lawn yesterday, I was struck by how dry the ground was and we were grateful for the downpour which happened a few hours later.
All this dry and warm weather has produced some pretty good colour in the countryside. As always, the best colour seems to be provided by the Maple Trees.
Walking towards Shipley Hill this morning, we were treated to a wonderful show.
Autumn is a beautiful time of year.
Turning for home, our walk took in the old car parks of Shipley Woodside LNR. Here too, the Maples have the edge over all others as they show off their Autumn fashion collection.
 No doubt there will be more pictures of the Autumnal colour in the coming days.
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