Monday, 22 September 2014

Cinder Hill

This morning, we were joined on our walk, by our friend Jayne and with the sun shining, we set out for Cinder Hill and the wide, open spaces of Shipley Park. Looking past the hill, the town of Heanor is to be found behind the turning leaves of the woodland.
Zooming in a little, a few more details can be made out.  The rooftops stand out above the trees and the church of St Lawrence at Heanor, stands out above everything.
Looking in the other direction, towards the east and with the sun making things a little more tricky, the large, new wind turbine between Ilkeston and Giltbrook can be seen peeking above the treeline.
Close by, the wild bird seed meadows are still looking colourful.  Many are now setting seed, but some plants are still in full bloom, including the delightful blue Cornflowers and yellow Corn Marigolds. In the bright sunshine, they looked even more lovely.
After a nice walk and having stopped for coffee at the picnic site near Mapperley reservoir, we returned home through Mapperley Wood for a delicious lunch.  All in all, a really nice day!
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