Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Coffee Out

Yesterday's sunshine, which eventually broke through the cloud layer covering us, meant that we were able to take the flask with us and sit for a coffee by the Mapperley reservoir.
Sitting on our chosen bench, the view through the small trees which dot the picnic area had a sort of ethereal quality and the slight mist which was still clinging on bravely, only added to this effect. Getting home and looking at my pictures, it occurred to me that a little digital tweaking might do even more.
Walking around Shipley Park, the autumnal hues of the maples are starting to impress the casual passer-by. Here again, the slight 'mistyness' gave an odd quality to the picture.
And again, a little tweaking makes for an 'arty' shot.
All very colourful, with the promise of more autumn colour to come.
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