Friday, 13 June 2014


The weather is still warm and sunny, so we set out again for an enjoyable walk in the sunshine this morning. The Wild flowers are enjoying the sunshine as much as the rest of us. Bird's Foot Trefoil forms mats of golden flower at various places along our walks.
Buttercups dominate the fields...
More Orchids this morning too. These Common Spotted Orchids were flowering close to a small, water-filled ditch which drains into the old canal.
It was on that bridge, crossing the old canal, where we were delighted to see that the Water Voles mentioned a few weeks ago, have successfully raised a family. At least one young vole was seen peering out at us before disappearing into the grass. Unfortunately, it was too shy for me get a photograph.
In the tall grasses of Shipley Park, the giant 'clocks' of Goatsbeard (Tragopogon pratensis) shine in the sunshine.
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