Wednesday, 18 June 2014

All Creatures Great & Small

Having almost overloaded on flowers during the last few days, I thought we'd have a few animals for a change.  Starting at the larger end of the scale with a field full of British White Cattle and, it being Spring, a handful of rather lovely calves.
The little ones are always curious to know what's going on, especially when someone is rude enough to point their camera at them.
From Cattle to Coots and the lakes are alive to the sound of Coot chicks, constantly petering their parents for food.  These were demanding to be fed on Osborne's Pond the other day.
Getting smaller, we come to a few mini beasts which were to be found in our own back garden.  The moth known as The Vapourer, is a rather nondescript, brown insect which is easily overlooked.  But it's caterpillar stage is anything but ordinary.  With long tufts of hairs for protection and patches of bright colours to warn off potential attackers, it makes quite a show while munching on your Pyracantha!
Another insect next and one which caught my eye while we were walking along the Nutbrook Trail a few days ago.  Feeding on nectar from a Hogweed flower, this handsome Hoverfly is called Volucella pellucens.  Quite a mouthful for such a small insect, but a very colourful character it was.
Lastly, another insect from this morning's walk.  The grasses are full of brown butterflies at the moment and this one grabbed my attention as we walked past it. It's a Ringlet Butterfly (Aphantopus hyperantus) and seemed to be trying to soak up what little sun there was to be had this morning.
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