Monday, 28 April 2014


Contrary to the forecast, the weather this morning was fine and warm with the sun glinting through what few clouds there were.  So, we set out for a longer walk around Shipley Park, up Shipley Hill and along the footpaths of Cinder Hill, returning via Mapperley Reservoir and Mapperley Wood.  We stopped for a rest and a flask of coffee at the picnic site by Mapperley Reservoir, one of our favourite places for a rest - and with views like this, who can blame us.
The Silver Birches are putting on their bright green foliage and looked beautiful in the sunshine.
Along the paths, White Dead Nettles (Lamium album) are flowering their hearts out.
Closer inspection reveals a magnificent inflorescence of white flowers with some wonderful markings.
Further along the walk, in Mapperley wood where the Bluebells are so gorgeous (of which, more tomorrow), a close relative of the White Dead Nettle, the Yellow Archangel (Lamium galeobdolon) flowers are also looking good among the plants of the woodland floor.
All in all, a lovely walk this morning and all thanks to the forecasters getting it completely wrong!
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