Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Front

We headed down to the sea front and the expanse of sand dunes and small, brackish lake which forms a nature reserve.  Avoiding the group of large, African women who were intent on robbing everyone of their wallets, purses, passports, watches, jewelry, etc. We looked over the brackish lake.
In several places, information boards had been erected telling the reader of how the area had been neglected and built on until a preservation order had been put in place to prevent further destruction of the nature reserve.  It looked to us as if it was far too little, far too late!
Not much wildlife was to be found, just a couple of Grey Herons and a Coot.  The ever-present line of buses, belching diesel fumes and blasting their horns didn't help matters either.
On to the dunes and again, we were disappointed by the seeming lack of wildlife to be found. For an internationally important nature reserve, it seemed that all there was to be seen, was about six different bushes, a couple of non-native palm species and a view of better things further inland.
Along the sea front and trying to dodge the worst of the crowds, a large and stately lighthouse loomed over the scene.
Tomorrow, I think a few flowers will cheer the mood somewhat...
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