Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hybrid and High Jinx

Our sunny and rather warm walk this morning, took us through Pewit Carr and on to Straw's Bridge.  As usual on a Sunday, the walk was somewhat spoiled by too many people and far too many aggressive and rude cyclists.  But getting to 'Swan Lake' we were rewarded with the sight of a hybrid goose.
I think this attractive bird is a cross between a Greylag and a Canada Goose and the result is quite handsome.
Close to this hybrid goose, a courting pair of Mute Swans were 'doing their thing' in the relative quiet of one end of the lake.  Their graceful dance together, included lots of head bobbing, dipping into the water and 'mirroring' behaviour.
These were both young birds and still had some of their brown plumage.  Despite their youth, they seemed to know what they were doing.
... and were doing it well!
As things got a bit more 'intimate', we left them to it and carried on with our walk.  Well, you wouldn't want an audience at such times, would you?
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