Thursday, 31 January 2013


Formed by the volcanic eruptions of 1730 the natural wonder of El Golfo, just up the coast from Los Hervideros, is quite something to see.  It is a natural amphitheatre formed when one side of the volcano collapsed leaving behind a black, volcanic sand beach and a semicircular lagoon.
The lagoon is filled with sea water through the very porous lava and the curious green colour is a result of algae living in the water.  Red ash forms much of the surrounding sides.  The area was considered to be wild and rocky enough to be the backdrop to the film 'One Million Years B.C.' with Raquel Welch not wearing very much!
Very loose and easily whipped up by the wind, this red ash is visually rather stunning, rather like the volcano mentioned yesterday.  But trying to climb down the steep slopes to the beach below was a little tricky to say the least as was demonstrated by a few intrepid people.

We decided not to risk sliding down on our backsides opting for the magnificent views higher up.  The Espresso - sorry, Cafe Solo - we had in the cliff-top restaurant was also very good.
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