Thursday, 8 November 2012

Disappearing Duck

Our walk yesterday, took us past Mapperley reservoir and there were the usual selection of wildfowl to be found on the water.  Among the most numerous of these were the Tufted Ducks.  Delightful, little ducks these and they always repay a few minutes watching with their busy antics.  The two closest to us were particularly busy diving for food, so I thought a picture would in in order.  Things didn't go quite to pan, but the rather happy result was a picture of the splash made as one of the ducks disappeared beneath the surface.  Tom Daley would have been proud of a dive like that!
Previously, we had been enjoying the thick carpet of fallen leaves on top of Shipley Hill and the sunlight filtering through the increasingly bare branches.
There is a tarmac road beneath that lot somewhere...
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